Monday, March 2, 2009

GRACE TIMES, March 2009

Dear People, 

Lent is a period marked off in the Christian Year to encourage believers to observe certain disciplines for the good of their souls. 

Around the world, most Christians observe what might be described as a partial fast: they give up eating meat, fish and eggs during Lent. But if you merely give up things you like, all you are doing is saying to God is, “Please do note how I torture myself to please you.” 

For a fast to be a fast, what we give up must be offered to God. It’s not about torturing yourself. God doesn’t take pleasure in that sort of thing (See Isa. 58:5). The two things He wants you to do when fasting are: 

  1. Caring to share with others (vv 6-7, 10) 
  2. Drawing near to God (vv. 8-9, 13-14) 

So, if you are observing the discipline of giving up something “for God”, draw near to God by doing the first part—give to the community of faith what you are offering to God. Collect your “savings” from giving up meat, fish and eggs, and offer it all to God: 

  1. Grace Bible Church’s work in the village 
  2. Mother Teresa’s Homes 
  3. Grace Bible Church’s missional giving to:
i. work among students 
ii. relief and developmental work 
iii. Christian literature work.
Your offerings may be presented at the end of Lent / during Holy Week.

 In Christ’s love,



Shobha had her checkup and the doc discovered that Shobha is healed. 

Manohar Antin will not need to go under the surgeon’s knife as the stones in his kidneys were flushed out. He has to continue homeopathic treatment for the reduced-in-size stone in the gall bladder. 

Usha Antin has got back to work and is doing well. 

Neha Eisenberg has recovered from chicken pox. Nive disappointed she didn’t get it. 

Satya Singh is rather feeble and housebound. 

Sanjay, son of Pushpa Singh recovering from a   fractured ankle. 

Raju Prakash has a troubling throat infection. 

Sushil Solomon has been battling vertigo and fatigue caused by tinnitus. Also suffering from degeneration of vertebrae and spondylosis. 

Rahul Singh found in Moradabad after weeks of being missing. 

Geetu and Gary returned safely to China and have settled back to their routine. 

The Sarwans have got possession of their new home. Work in progress. They hope that they will be able to move in by mid-April. 

Mohna Scott facing Class 12 board exams. Sukriti Sarwan and Johnny Antony (now in Dehra Dun) have to do their Class 10 board exams. All of our children have final exams. 

Syn Family moving to Delhi. We will miss them in our fellowship.

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