Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Geetu and Gary are working in a situation where there's no church to attend . When they were returning to China, Geetu asked me for Bible study materials that she could use to start a Bible study at the school. I told her right away that it's great because now we can have Grace Bible Church in China. Geetu has just written. Grace Bible Church has launched in China!

Geetu has written, "Gary and I are doing fine. Very busy, but fine. We had our first Bible Study on Tuesday. There were 6 people including Gary and me. It was a little different from how we do it at home. We started with the book of James, one of my favourite books. Even though I prepared to lead the study with the help of one of the books you gave us, it didn't go exactly as I planned. It was better than I expected. Nobody was shy and everybody was talking freely from personal experiences and scripture. We had a very 'positive and civilised' time, according to one of the friends who attended. We are very glad that we've started this. All of us really needed it. Thank you for encouraging me to do this and giving me the material. Also, the Bible studies I attended back home, helped me to initiate this without being anxious of how it's going to go. Gary had never attended an adult Bible Study before and was bit nervous at first, but got over it as soon as we started it. Please pray with us that this will grow and more people will be interested in studying God's word with us."

Way to go, Geetu. Maybe next time we can ordain you as a minister of our church there.
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