Monday, January 26, 2009

Picnic Day 2009

We had a brief service of 45 minutes. It was a family service and so Jürgen Eisenberg brought his puppets and got the children involved in the service,

after which Indu Eisenberg talked about bearing the fruit of the SpiritInstead of the usual picnic spots, Nalin Phillips arranged a very nice government rest house 15 kms outside the city.

We were glad for the facilities of the bungalow as the day was not just not sunny, but misty and cloudy to start with. Later the sun did come out mildly and we had a great time there.

We had been promoting the picnic as an extended communion outside the sanctuary walls. Spending time and talking together, relaxed without having to rush off was a wonderful experience. [In the picture above on the extreme left are Geetu and Gary on a holiday from their jobs in China]

The place had the bust of the dead-and-gone politician in whose name the rest house stood. The kids had a great time climbing all over the bust. They thought it was great fun.
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  1. Dear Pastor,
    It was nice to see and read all the church activities. Appreciate your efforts in communicating through this so that people like us can see and thank God for what is happening with GBC. Congratulation on the Hindi branch of the GBC