Friday, January 30, 2009

GRACE TIMES February 2009

from the pastor

Dear People,

In January all of us were witnesses to the biggest change the world has seen in decades. Though Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, racism stayed on in America. Jesse Jackson wasn't even nominated and after that no black even tried till last year when suddenly Obama's names surfaced. At that time no one thought that he could even get nominated over the charismatic and popular Hillary Clinton. But it has happened and Obama in in office.

And now the whole world appears to think that somehow he is the ultimate solution to all the problems of the world. Some religious fanatics will see him as the Antichrist, as though he is to blame for what people think of him.

Obama is not the hope of the world. Let's face it: there will be wars and rumours of wars (Matt. 24:6). That's what Jesus said. He also said that there would be famines (result of exploitation and recession?) and epidemics (in spite of medical advances, new diseases—like AIDS—are spawned and prevail: Luke 21:11). But Jesus didn't say that to fill us with doom. He said that all the terrible things would be a prelude to His return to establish His rule of equity and peace.

By all means, rejoice that the black man has reached the White House. But keep on praying, "Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!"



Ajay Prakash married Kusum Henry and they are living happily ever after.

Usha Antin is on a month's leave so that she can recover fully after her accident. Manohar to have checkup after treatment for kidney stones. Usha is also being treated for stones that showed up in an ultrasound scan.

Poonam Modwell away in Rampur with her family searching for Rahul who has been missing for weeks

Geetu & Gary are with Suseela and all of us for two weeks on their first holiday after their wedding in Canada and starting work in China

Most church families
wre able to join in the church picnic on Sunday, January 25th. (See the report below)

Cindy Khan has left her job in precaution and anticipation of the baby's arrival

Shwetha, Beenu Lal & Supriya were saved miraculously from all harm when their car hit the carcass of a buffalo on their way back from Nainital. Car badly damaged. Who cares/ They're safe.

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