Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Grace Times October 2009

from the pastor

Dear People,

While leaving earth, our Lord said, “Go into the world and proclaim the gospel...You shall be my witnesses…” and on the next Day of Pentecost after that, the Holy Spirit took hold of His disciples and broke all language barriers.

Grace Bible Church stands in line with what the Lord said and what the Early Church allowed the Holy Spirit to accomplish through it. That is why we are going bilingual. This is going to be an all-new experience for all of us. And it’s going to be hard.

As your pastor I will need help—lots of it, because I’m definitely no linguist. I will need some of you to exercise the gift of translation. We will need folks who can lead us in singing Hindustani songs. All of us will need to be patient and supportive of one another if this venture is to work. It’s an adventure. I promise you it will be scary. That’s what is exciting about it.

Let’s do this together. Let’s learn together.

In Christ’s love,



Shwetha had a normal delivery and Supriya now has a baby brother.

Prabha and Shobha’s pregnant niece Poonam has to be careful but is doing well.

Cindy has problems with her wrists and is in a lot of pain. Worst is, that she is not able to hold baby Ethan.

Jess gets tired easily but is otherwise doing well. Her high BP is being treated.

Triza Joseph has improved in health but has to continue with long term treatment.

Pushpa Singh’s husband has been rather unwell and experiencing a lot of pain, and is undergoing treatment at SGPGI as an outpatient.

Bunny has recovered from back pain and flu.

Amrit Modwell was down with viral flu in Delhi.

Pastor Kuru apologizes for not having sent cards and greetings to members because the peon Ram Kishore keeps absenting himself without any warnings. In September he worked only for two hours on Saturdays and four hours on Sundays.


A fellow had a very heavy load of worries, cares and duties. The road was rough and seemed to get rougher with each step and the pack got heavier. Finally, he just sat down and said, “I give up. I’m ready to die!” Suddenly the Angel of Death appeared and said, “Did you call me?” The man got up quickly and said, “Oh yes, would you please help me lift this load back up onto my shoulders so I can carry on?” Considering the alternative often helps one’s perspective.

Author Unknown

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