Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sixtieth Birthday

April 26, 2009.

We had a special service with P Abraham, the Editor of Light of Life as the preacher. Mr Abraham is seen in the first picture looking on while Ishaaq speaks at the end of the service.

Yes, the big surprise was Ishaaq turning up without any hint whatever. Jess suggested it and encouraged him to surprise Pastor Kuru and Roshini at the celebration of Pastor Kuru's 60th birthday,

Ishaaq brought a special gift from Jess, who has been taking a photography course. The gift was a photograph of a sea anemone that Jess had photographed and had then personally framed.

Our young friend Melissa also came from Poona and sang a special worship song at the service.

At the end we had a catered lunch for all who attended the service.
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