Monday, April 6, 2009

Grace Times April 2009

from the pastor

Dear People,

Did you catch the news about the Pranav Mistry (Indian-origin researcher at MIT Media Lab) having developed 'Sixth Sense' (also known as WUW - Wear Ur World)? A gadget will allow the wearer to gesture in the air or write on a wall or any surface and convert it into a virtual computer.

Given the way information is going to be processed in the near future, we need to be ready to go to “full strength” usage of information technology.

The church has a web site. Go to
Our faith, history, and outreach are all described there. To get news of day to day happenings, and read the message preached on Sundays visit
In addition to this, I’ve connected our church to an online church network. Please join up and post family news, pictures and prayer requests at so that we are all connected with one another and caring for each other through praising God and praying for each other.

You will be blessed when you pray for others and express your care for them meaningfully. Don’t waste time. Collect blessings in store for you. Jesus is risen! Blessings!

In Christ’s love,


Shobha had her checkup. The doc discovered that the Lord had healed her.

Rani nee Tayade and Björn are proud parents of little Shona. Urmilla Tayade is with them right now.

Nehem has wheezing trouble periodically.

Eisenberg Home turned into a sick bay. Esther was in hospital for a day because of dehydration. Nivedita down with chicken pox. Manju Ramachandran had to be hospitalized for a day due to dehydration.

Fizza under treatment for giardia.

Sushil Solomon has been battling tinnitus.

Nalin’s sister Sonia had a hysterectomy, and is doing well.

Triza’s mother has not been keeping well

Poonam Modwell and family went through a difficult time when her brother Rahul went missing for weeks. But he was found and restored to his family.

Cindy, Naomi and Shwetha expecting babies.

Indu closed down her little school and has joined work at the Children’s International School. Malini has a new job, working for the Millennium School.

Fizza and Nishal have finished their Confirmation classes.

Gone, gone, gone all our Syns are Noida. They promised to come back to visit—big Syns and little Syns too. They’re the only Syns we would welcome back.

Rev Ramesh Elanchezhian and Salome transferred south. Nicky and Jacob have got admission to a boarding school in Hosur.

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